oblivion & skyrim, roblox, overwatch, minecraft, terraria, stardew valley, five nights at freddy's
smiling friends, mlp:fim, freaks and geeks, breaking bad, bojack horseman, haunting of hillhouse, arcane, devilman crybaby, the promised neverland, scooby-doo: mystery incorporated
lord of the rings, the hobbit, the conjuring 1 & 2 (I generally enjoy horror movies)
traditional pencil drawing, pixel art, making showcases in roblox, watching youtube/shows/movies, being around my friends, spending time around animals

we probably wont get along if you
-make things up about yourself to seem unique or to fit in
-think making fun of tragedies is really goofy and silly
-think (real) gore or anything blatantly shocking is really goofy and silly
-constantly make everything about yourself
-constantly do/say things for attention
-make fun of other people for the things that bring them joy

characters i like/find comfort in

pinkie pie

hermaeus mora
elder scrolls

butters stotch
south park

princess bubblegum
adventure time